Revised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies Under supervision of King Goerge’s Medical University, Lucknow

Programme Schdedule -- DAY 1

Day Time Session Objectives Duration
8:00 Registration and Breakfast   60 Minutes
9:00 Inauguration, Introduction and Role Play   45 Minutes
9:45 Introduction: Ice breaking And Group Dynamics Understand and apply concepts of Group dynamics and team based Functioning in teaching and learning 30 Minutes
10:15 System’s Approach Use the system’s approach for Instructional design 30 Minutes
10:45 Principles of adult learning, Learning process Use principles of adult learning in the teaching learning process 30 Minutes

11:15 Tea Break 15 Minutes

Day Time Session Objectives Duration
11:30 Learning domains and Progression of learning a. Classify and define learning domains
b. Demonstrate a basic understanding of hierarchy of knowledge progression
30 minutes
12:00 Goals, roles and Competencies: CBME * a. Define goals, roles and Competencies and explain the Relationship between each other
b. Elaborate the principles of Competency based learning
45 minutes
12:45 The IMG – Goals, Roles and Competencies a. Be sensitized to the goals, roles and global competencies as developed by the Medical Council Of India 15 minutes

13:00 Lunch Break 45 Minutes

Day Time Session Objectives Duration
13:45 • Objectives – Writing
• Objectives – Developing
• Objectives from Competencies, linking Learning and assessment with Competencies *
a. Differentiate competencies from objectives
b. Develop objectives from different competencies
c. Explain the relationship between objectives, learning and assessment
60 minutes
14:45 Writing a lesson plan a. Develop a lesson plan appropriate to the objectives and teaching learning method 45 minutes
15:30 Introduction to assessment a. Elaborate the principles and types of assessment
b. Explain the utility of assessment
45 minutes

16:15 Tea Break 15 Minutes

Day Time Session Objectives Duration
16:30 Workshop on writing Objectives-- Develop objectives from competencies and specify the domain and the skill level 45 minutes

17:15 Closure
* use AT- COM module for this session